Monday 6 September 2010

Ducky love

I've been very remiss in not posting about the birthday celebrations of the smallest member of our family, maybe it's because I am in denial that she has turned two - and is no longer a baby...

I can identify so strongly with this post, written by Kate on the occasion of her youngest's 2nd birthday, and I feel quite sad, yet at the same time very joyful to watch this little person blooming before my eyes.

Our little ducky girl is a fan of anything duck related and so there was really no question of what her cake would be, a duck of course!

This funny little person who is so social and interactive, put her head down and frowned at the world when all the attention was on her as we sang happy birthday!

You are such a bright and funny little girl, who loves her big sisters with all her heart and just wants to be the same as them.

You never fail to make me laugh with the outfits you arrive in, wearing them as though they were the most normal thing in the world.

Your bright eyes and cheeky smile make my heart feel warm and we love you very much my baby girl!


Unknown said...

It is both awesome and bittersweet to see our babies grow up. Sometimes you just want them to stay babies forever, but that's not what is supposed to happen. There is joy in the growing too. It just all moves too fast. Happy Birthday Miss G!

(You make such beautiful children - Have you considered another one?)

Tanya said...

I get it.
Hey- love that bottom photo (hmm, yes, the one where the apples feature!)- so cute and great duck cake. She's a lucky one to have sisters, glad she appreciates them!

Belinda said...

I am cherishing these last few months of 'baby' before she turns 2 as well. It is such a lovely age.

Jennifer said...

I agree with you. Ella's first birthday was such a happy day, yet a sad day that my baby was growing up. Her second birthday was the same, and I am sure that her third birthday which is not too far will also be faced with happiness and a few shed tears for the time that has gone so quickly.
Happy birthday to Miss G.

Sally said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY little duck girl.
Awesome cake. Spectacular smile!

(I'm not looking forward to my baby girl turning two at the end of the year - time is passing by too fast)

FrechesFruechtchen said...

Happy Birthday to your little daughter. The cake is so great! Enjoy the time with your daughter because they grow so fast.

Best wishes