Saturday 24 July 2010

Barry is a hottie

Well a hottie cover at least!!

I make no secret of it, I love my footy and my beloved Bulldogs have been having a few good years.
Which almost makes up for all the totally crap ones they had when I was in primary school, copping flack from everyone for supporting them.

Sal is another who is passionate about her footy team, so we decided to have a little tipple when our teams played each other - of the crafty variety of course.

And to the winner go the spoils!

I could not believe all the crafty goodness that Sal fit into the parcel that arrived on my doorstep.

Firstly, all the Doggies goodies pictured above that feature "Big Bad Bustling Barry Hall" (who, it must be said, left Sal's team to come to mine at the end of last season, and has been consistently kicking five or six goals a week since then).

How cool are these - a hot water bottle cover, a pin-cushion and pencil case all in club colours.

Next was a nest filled with three sweet crocheted birds, thatI know challenged her in the early days of making them.

I have had to fight hard to keep these I must say.
Three daughters, three cute birdies; in their little minds it's a no-brainer that they are for them....

Then a cute and handy little fabric basket and a very treasured piece of fabric that Sal designed and printed her very own self!
Can't tell you how pleased I am to have this - it will be used for a special project - just for ME!!!

Then to top it all off a huge piece of green duck flannelette that I had commented on when I saw the PJ's Sal made for her daughter, a bunch of colourful flowers that will have endless uses here and a set of coloured pens with different sized tips at each end.

So all I can say is Wow!
Thanks Sally I had so much fun discovering all the items in this parcel and nearly wet myself laughing when I pulled the "Barry Hottie" out of the bag.

I told Cass - another Swannies supporter to look out for some Barry goodness on my blog so she's probably been stalking here all week (we know you all miss him!).

Now, if you'll excuse me, Barry and I are off to bed!

PS - sorry to Sal and Cass that it's taken me all week to blog these gifts, life got in the way this week!


Cass said...

Sal's done a great job. That pin cushion will be getting a work out, you can give Baz a good jab when he doesn't paly well!

Cass said...

Oh and I was laughing my head off when the first picture came up, classic.

Sally said...

I'm so thrilled that you like your winnings... the little blue bird looks a bits squashed perhaps he didn't fly well - or maybe he is feeling a bit blue about Aker?!?!

tigerfilly said...

Awww, those birds are delighful.