Sunday 9 May 2010

Thoughts on mothering

Today we celebrated Mother's Day.

It's never been big in our household, we sort of regard it as a bit of 'Hallmark' event.
But there are some small people who now feel otherwise and were counting the sleeps til they could give me their very secret gifts.

I started the day being given two bracelets made of coloured glass bead (from Kinder) and three little sachets of dried rose petals (from playgroup!), along with cards that praised me for giving lots of kisses and cuddles and of course taking them to the pool with the big red slide.

And I guess that's what stood out for me, it's the very simple things we do that our kids remember and appreciate.

So there were no fancy restaurant meals or big expensive presents in this house.
We grabbed some hot chips and ate them at a park just up the road (always a big treat!).
Then we ran, climbed, slid, swung, laughed and played hide and seek in the sunshine.
And it all made me so very grateful for the three happy, bright, engaging, kind and thoutful little people that I am so proud to have me call their mum. (and their ace dad of course who did get me a cookbook and an electric toothbrush!).
Hope your day was great, whatever you did.


Carolyn said...

that sounds IDEAL!!

Happy Mothers Day Karen

bec said...

Gorgeous pic, still spinning me out how alike they all are heehee I'll see you next week and see your resemblence, then!

Cass said...

Lovely post Karen. The girls look gorgeous

Tanya said...

That's a really nice post Karen. I had two excited children too- Jacks card said things like 'you're great and you make great roasts'!! I loved your words about your children.

Sally said...

Your girls are so gorgeous. What a beautiful day you have described. Totally ace.

cherri said...

A beautiful family.

Little Munchkins said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day to me!

Aren't the girls cute - all wearing matching headbands!