Thursday 13 May 2010

My Creative Space

Was looking like this on Monday night.

There are a lot of my favourite fabrics in there - a bit of something for everyone, I hope.

Let me say that cutting out the inner body of each bag x 18, the outer x 18, the insulbrite x 18, the Shapewell x 18 and then all the sides, handles and velcro took, well, considerably longer than anticipated!

A number of these are now completed - but there are still a couple to go to be ready for the big event this weekend.

Can't wait.

There's also this fabric floating around in my creative space.

Seems I have another addict in the house, of the fabric variety that is.

The smallest chose this herself, saying "babus".
The little not-quite-two-year-old person then carried it herself to the counter and, get this, returned it to the shelf after cutting!!

Too funny.

It's for another of the new pattern from Toni. can't wait to show you.

Hope your weekend is as good as I just know mine is going to be!

Check out Kirsty's place for the crafters with it all goin' on.


Kirsty said...

Have a fabulous time Karen. It will be grand I'm sure.

Miss Moo said...

Cute 'babus' fabric! I'm going to SIT too, can't wait (although feeling inexplicably nervous about it too).

Kylie said...

She has good taste Karen.

Little Munchkins said...

I am going to try to go SL to find the babus fabric tomorrow.

Those things you are making for the SIT swap are looking good ;) I love those fabrics you have chosen!

Sally said...

Your little one has great taste in fabric too. Enjoy Sew It Together... nice that you'll be amoung friends as your teams gets thrashed by the mighty Swans!!!

cherri said...

Oh it was too late when I first read about SIT - would have loved to come - have a great time - what are those bags you are making??