Tuesday 6 October 2009

Taking it easy

The man of the house has a few days off and we planned some city sightseeing acitivites, like visiting the zoo and/or the aquarium without having to brave the weekend crowds, but the youngest developing chicken pox with a vengance put paid to that idea.

Instead we have found ourselves enjoying a serious lack of crowd activity at the beach.

Truth be told the weather is definitely more 'raincoat' than 'sunhat', but three-year-olds like to have all the bases covered.

What you can't tell from this pic is she has her swimming gear on underneath.

She's the eternal optimist that one!

How do you take time out??


Unknown said...

That's a gorgeous photo ! My daughter used to love going to the shops with her tutu on .... with gumboots !

Ellieboo said...

our girls are not silly - they no to be prepared for all eventualities