Monday, 19 October 2009

I see red

The latest Make It Perfect test pattern.
All I can say is watch out wolf!

PS - if anyone knows where I can buy a few metres/yards of the fabric on this button I'd love to know!


Sew Fi said...

Have you tried the Sewn website? - There is a fabric search facility here which networks with fabric stores in the US and Australia.

Kylie said...

Looking forward to seeing the release of this pattern:) Love the button by the way - is it one of LouLou's

Cass said...

Looks great Karen. I've tried looking everywhere for that fabric but no luck.

Anna - said...

You could ask Lou over at Buttons by LouLou, she using this fabric alot for her buttons (is this one of hers?). Looks great by the way, love the red!