Thursday 17 September 2009

Mushroom magic

There has been lots going on here - some good stuff - some not so good!

It's all been getting in the way of blogging though.
Here's a very little something I made up for a friend's birthday.
We don't usually do presents but I just thought a little handmade gift with some hair ties in it would be nice because she's always so ready to help us when needed.

Like when we have to spend the night at the hospital with a little one we have just found out suffers from asthma.
Yep - that's some of the 'not so good stuff' that's been happening.

The mushroom fabric for this was sent to me by a very kind sewing friend.
It just arrived in the mail one day - the sort of post that makes you smile. Thanks Novy.

Here's some more of the good - but I can't show you much.

It's a sneak peek of one of the patterns I have been testing for the lovely Toni of Make It Perfect.
She has something big in the works, top secret though, you know how it is!

Check out her patterns if you haven't already - every man, woman and child should have a Lazy Day hat for summer I say.
The fabric is from Patty Young's Mezzanine range and the colours are so fresh, bright and fun that I want to get some more.


becanne said...


Nothing like a good secret to make my day.
Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.
Sure you can't manage any more sneak peaks?
PS - loved reading your twin post, although I have to admit I didn't realise that your 'big girls' were twins. I just thought they were pretty close in age. It is comforting to know I'm not the only mother that wonders if they are doing the 'right' thing!

Charity said...

Oh, no - sorry to hear about the asthma, that must have been scary!

Bek said...

A trip to the hospital with a little one is something I dread! I have been lucky and never had to do it.... yet!

Hope things are on the improve with your little one now they have a diagnosis.

I love the little zip bag! And am intrigued by the secret business...!

Mel said...

What a divine little zip bag, sometimes the simplest things given to a friend, carry the greatest joy by them ... Love your sneak peek too! Can't wait for the TOP SECRET releases!

Nikki said...

I can't help but notice your neat zipper ends... lovely purse!

Really feel for you on the child-in-hospital front... hope the little one is feeling better and that the asthma can be controlled without too many more dramas.

Little Munchkins said...

You are very welcome Karen! Always glad to share some fabric love around.

How's Miss L doing ?

Nikki said...

A vyer thoughtful thing to do for your thoughtful friend. You can never tell your family and friends how special they are.

I am so sorry to hear about your baby girl. I hope the scariness has settled and you are working out how to manage the asthma.

Love those pink and green fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us where that mushroom fabric is from?? I saw it on a t-shirt in a magazine and I love it!!

Unknown said...

I love your zip purse, especially love the way your inside spotted material matches the spotted mushroom!
Hope the little one (and you) are feeling better.

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Karen, you've been tagged on my blog :)

Lily Mulholland said...

Sorry to hear about the asthma, must've been scary trying to work it all out. I'm amazed at how adaptable kids are though when it comes to managing it.

That secret project is hitting all my buttons!

Anonymous said...

has there been something in the water in our neck of the woods??? asthma sounds v.scary and I hope it more diagnosis than medical emergency. Too bad doctors don't have a VIP card. With all of our visits recently we'd be up for some sort of reward and I'm sure you would too!

Adore those fabrics and can't wait to see the finished goods.