Wednesday 25 March 2009

Show stopper

I'm almost embarassed to blog this the event was so long ago!
But what's that old cliche, I mean saying, "better late than never".

So here goes.

The Stitches and Craft show was on here in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and I had a lovely child-free morning strolling around taking time to actually look at the things I wanted to look at and even participating in a short workshop/tutorial class.

The class, or Craft Lab as they were called, was on making rings and brooches from vintage buttons and was run by none other than the fabulous Jodie of Ric Rac fame, you know, the creative selvedge freak lady (she calls herself that not me mind you!).

I hadn't read the guide close enough when I signed up to even know it was her running it, so it was almost a bit embarassing to walk in, given that I had outed myself to her as a reader of her blog about an hour earlier.

Must have appeared very stalkerish!
To make matters more strange, Lara of Thornberry, another blog I love to read, was there with one of her daughters doing the button thing.

So I said Hi again.

As everyone always says, both ladies were incredibly friendly and neither sought a restraining order against me so I was delighted to make their acquaintance.

Blogland is proving itself time and again to be a very friendly world and I am always glad when I take the plunge and say hi.

Of course there were plenty of other crafty bloggers who I didn't 'out' myself to, but maybe next time!

So on to the goodies.

I popped over to the Kelani stand and got some Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids just because it's lovely, picked up a piece of this fun and cheerful Sprout fabric that I might use for appliques and also some babushka's, who could resist them really.

Also got some doll clothes patterns from AK Traditions, some cute robot fabric from the Amitie stand and lastly some lovely felt flowers that I plan to make into brooches or hair clips for the girls.

Definitely make the trip to the show when it's on in your state and sign up early for the workshops and classes.


Cass said...

Karen I am sooooo jealous you got to meet Jodie, I would definitely be stalking her! I can't wait for the show to come here

Miss Moo said...

Glad you liked the show too Karen and I really like your button rings.

Kylie said...

The button rings look great - LOL at you being concerned about restraining orders - you are so funny!

Anonymous said...

I love your button rings, they are gorgeous! And I'm a tad jealous of your purchases, can't wait till the show comes to Qld!

Sahra said...

Great purchases Karen! The sprout fabric is TDF. I had planned to come to the show but we had to come to melbthe week before and the week after sos I just couldnt do it. Oh well maybe the other one later in the year.

Unknown said...

I went to the Stitches and Craft Show too. I was quite excited just to see The Selvedge Dress in person. I remember seeing it on the net and posting the link to my mum as I thought it was so cool!

You are so lucky to meet the actual creator! She probably would have had to get a restraining order if I had met her, lol!

Tamara said...

I just bought that robot fabric to make my new nephew to be (as in he hasn't been born yet) a quilt. I can't wait to get started!