Sunday 28 September 2008

Sunny days

It's happened again.
All I can say is "wow".

Someone I've never met IRL has been kind enough to create (and send from overseas) a handmade gift for our new baby girl.

Charity is a very talented knitty-type girl from Canada to whom I sent a couple of sewing patterns a while back (yep she can sew too).

She has four children of her own, including a new baby, yet took time in all that she does looking after her brood to make this super-cute hat for Miss G to wear this summer.

It's the softest, silkiest thing I have felt in ages and it's the sort of vibrant colour that just makes you happy. The design is called "On the Sunny Side". How perfect.

It's a little big for her noggin at the moment, so Charity said it would be OK to use the pic she took for her blog.
Considering the current growth rate of our little lady it will be a perfect fit this summer.

If you're another clever knitty-type person who wants the details of the hat - check out Charity's blog entry here.

Experiences such as this through this blogging thing really restore your faith in people and provide a wonderful sense of community.
Thanks again Charity.


Bec said...

Oh wow, that hat is simply gorgeous!!! Both the design and the colour are just so divine. And what a lovely generous thing to do - it really does restore your faith in people doesn't it! And those prints from your last post are beautiful too - your workmate is very talented (and generous :))

Kylie said...

Oh what a lovely hat - might have to add it onto my 1000 things to knit and the next 100 years LOL

Charity said...

Aw, Karen! You bring tears to my eyes. :0) I'm glad you like it!

Natalie said...

Oh that is just adorable, what a lucky recipient you are! I agree, the craft community truly has some wonderfully generous members doesn't it.

LBA said...

That is one gorgeous hat, and I *love* the colour !!

Blogland is a pretty special place, isn't it ? :)