Wednesday 16 July 2008


I'm down to ticking items off the list now:

Ellie the Elephant - done
Here she is enjoying a moment in the garden.

Bird mobile - all birds completed - two left to string - then hang it up.

Baby's bag packed - done

My bag packed - well nearly!! (It's difficult when you need to wear the things that also need to be packed)

Wall Canvases - Hippo's and Elepahnts completed, Giraffe's to do (then I'll show you some pics).

Mrs Perkins giraffe toy - underway

Cushions - still procrastinating as it involves putting a zipper in!!

So I'm getting there - and just as well - we're down to five days til the baby's due date on Monday.


Little Munchkins said...

I love Ellie. You are doing very well with the list. Not long to go but hey, who's counting ;p

Charity said...

Good for you! All this busyness will help keep you from feeling too impatient, hopefully. :0)

Kerri said...

Hi Karen How are you?? Five days to go wow! You must be getting tired I know that feeling. I hope all goes well and bub arrives a few days early for you. I'm sure Kelly will fill me in Good Luck Kerri xx

Austysmum said...

Aaaaaawww - so cute! And I lurve your giraffie curtains. I must admit I am really enjoying peaking into your nursery - can't wait to see it all finished... complete with adorable baby to match! ;) Best wishes and easy labour vibes.